Your Arms Too Short to Box with God

Your Arms Too Short to Box With God is a gospel musical about the book of Mathews written by Vinnette Carroll. It premiered on Broadway December 1976. The musical was also revived on Broadway in 1980 and 1982. The plot of the musical was about the Book of St. Mathew. It showed Christ’s last day, Judas’s betrayal, and the resurrection of Christ. The cast seemed very happy to very happy to sing about their love for Jesus.

Songs From Musical:

  • Your Arms Too Short to Box with God

  • Something Is Wrong in Jerusalem

  • We’re Going to Have a Good Time

  • I Love You So Much Jesus

  • Beatitudes 1 & 2

  • As Long As I Live


  • Adrian Bailey

  • Marilynn Winbush

  • Deborah Lynn Bridges

  • Clinton Derriks Carroll

*There were many more cast members these are just a few

  • William Hardy Jr.

  • Bobby Hill

  • Michael Gray

  • Salome Bey

  • Delores Hall

Genres Used:

  • Gospel

  • Funk

  • Jazz

  • Soul


Instruments used were the piano, bass, drums, tambourine, and horns.

My Opinion:

In my opinion I really liked the musical. It made me believe and have more faith in God way more than I did before. I don’t go to church as much as I should so by watching this it made me feel like I made up for all the times I missed out. If it was on Broadway today I would actually want to go see it in person. It was very moving to the spirit. I would recommend people to watch it. My ultimate favorite song was “I Love You So Much Jesus” because it really hits the heart and it made me cry because I needed to hear that song.

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