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Working Title- Boy Meets Horn: The Life and Influence of Wynton Marsalis

  1. Research Methodology
    1. Why Wynton?
      1. Exposed to him when a trumpet player in high school played a song of his over the speakers during practice
      2. Met him first hand on a trip to one of his concerts with my high school jazz band–was amazed by the performance
        1. Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra (JCLO)
        2. Marsalis
        3. Denzal Sinclaire
        4. Audrey Shakir
      3. As a young musician, I wanted to know more about how he got to where he did
    2. Why the sources I chose?
      1. After doing some searching, there was only one biography about him
      2. Since he is still alive and very active with his craft, he has done several interviews talking about his various projects
  2. Introduction
    1. Brief overview of early lie
    2. Mention of some accomplishments
    3. Working Thesis: Throughout his lifetime of accomplishments, Wynton Marsalis has captured the hearts, minds, and ears of audiences around the world. However, his most important work has been emphasizing the importance of Jazz music in African American culture through his music, books, and philanthropic efforts.
  3. Biography (more details to come–still waiting on inter library loan for biography)
    1. Early Life
      1. Born 10/18/1961 in New Orleans, Louisiana
      2. 8 years- performed New Orleans music in a church band
      3. 14- performed with New York Philharmonic
      4. High School- New Orleans Symphony Brass Quintet, etc.
    2. Education
      1. Youngest musician to be admitted to Tanglewood’s Berkshire Music Center
      2. 1979- attended Julliard
      3. Signed to Colombia records
    3. Band
      1. Assembled own band in 1981 (toured for 15 years)
    4. Moving to the Classical Stage
      1. Recorded concerto at 20
        1. Won a grammy
      2. Recorded 10 classical records
      3. Performed with NY Philharmonic
      4. Baroque Duet
    5. Philanthropy
      1. Higher Ground Hurricane Relief Concert
      2. Bring Back New Orleans Cultural Commission
      3. From My Sister’s Place
      4. Graham Windham
      5. Children’s Defense Fund
      6. Amnesty International
      7. Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute
      8. Food for All Seasons
      9. Very Special Arts
      10. Newark Boys Chorus School