Music from Africa to America

by Wynda Lee

Thesis: Music is the art of arranging sounds in time to produce a composition through the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre.

The Role of Music in African American Communities

The Role of Music in African American Communities

Music played a central role in the African American civil rights struggles of the 20th century, and objects linked directly to political activism bring to light the roles that music and musicians played in movements for equality and justice.

Music has played a huge role in Africa for decades. Music in Africa is very important when it comma to religion. Songs and music are in religious ceremonies, to pass down their stories from generation to generation. In Africa music is a form of communication, while continuing to play a functional role in African society.

Understanding Timbre

Timbre in music the perceived sound quality of a musical note, sound or tone. Timbre also distinguishes different types of sound production, such as choir voices and musical instruments.


One great similarity that these two kinds of amazing music hold together is, Polyrhythm. Polyrhythm is is the combination of contrasting rhythms in a musical composition. Furthermore, it is chance to bring rhythms together while also bringing together to dance and enjoy the music more.

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