The Story of Jazz 1930s-1940s

by: Wynda Lee

-Jazz in comparison to Classical Music is always upbeat 

-Back in the day, Jazz was looked at as a sin and people who participated with it were shamed

-Jazz came in when the Africans were brought to America and to to get used to European music, then they combined native and European music together creating something that wonderful.

-Billy Baldwin was the first Jazz musician to become popular among the public

-Louis Armstrong is considered the “father” of Jazz

-Armstrong broadened Jazz music while contributing with his own style of the music

-Most Jazz musicians were self taught

Louis Armstrong

African American were not able to start recording  Jazz music until years after, due white people taking over the Jazz world and having major popularity

-Little Harvey was one of the first female Jazz analyst

-Armstrong was also the greatest Trumpet soloist

-He played high notes, and not most Trumpet players could play such notes

-Armstrong also had a huge significant influence on the American culture

-Coleman Hawkins established the Saxophone as a serious Jazz instrument 

Duke Ellington came to New York in 1923, his performance was with a band and he quickly grew popularity. Then, he was the leader and also the composer.

-Ellington’s music brought and contributed to the Renaissance that was taking place in Harlem

A study was shown that Jazz was the cause of wild and terrible actions among the Americans

-Jazz become globally known

-Kansas City soon became the hub of Western and South Jazz musicians 

-Kansas City was incredible