The Story of Jazz:

by: Wynda Lee

-Jazz in comparison to Classical Music is always upbeat 

-Back in the day, Jazz was looked at as a sin and people who participated with it were shamed

-Jazz came in when the Africans were brought to America and to to get used to European music, then they combined native and European music together creating something that wonderful.

-Billy Baldwin was the first Jazz musician to become popular among the public

-Louis Armstrong is considered the “father” of Jazz

-Armstrong broadened Jazz music while contributing with his own style of the music

-Most Jazz musicians were self taught

-African American were not able to start recording  Jazz music until years after, due white people taking over the Jazz world and having major popularity

-Little Harvey was one of the first female Jazz analyst

-Armstrong was also the greatest Trumpet soloist

-He played high notes, and not most Trumpet players could play such notes

-Armstrong also had a huge significant influence on the American culture

-Coleman Hawkins established the Saxophone as a serious Jazz instrument 

-James P. Johnson was inspired by the movement that followed Jazz, he also developed a musical piece called “Charleston” for people to dance to 

-He was famous for his skill on the piano, he played with his left hand and to his audience

-Duke Ellington came to New York in 1923, his performance was with a band and he quickly grew popularity. Then, he was the leader and also the composer.

-Ellington’s music brought and contributed to the Renaissance that was taking place in Harlem

-A study was shown that Jazz was the cause of wild and terrible actions among the Americans

-Jazz become globally known

-Kansas City soon became the hub of Western and South Jazz musicians 

-Kansas City was incredible

-Lester: An amazing saxophone player

-Mary Marie Louis became the first leading lady within the Jazz world 

-Religious people did not accept Jazz

-Hollywood now used Jazz in their productions


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