Words of Wisdom by Kori Barnes

My Black Footprint

African-Americans are a powerhouse when it comes to expressing our talents. We are funny, creative, hardworking, dedicated, and inspirational. It is no secret that we have influenced many genres of music and artists. Most importantly, we have served as a muse for many white artists and their culture. With in mind, entertainment is an industry that is has served as a blessing and a curse for us. When you look at how Black people are portrayed in the media, we are seen as aggressive humans who act out every chance we get or we are displayed as “token blacks”, but we are quickly brushed off of the scene. The film industry is dominated by a vast majority of older white men but there a few Black media moguls who are also present in the . However, I feel that we can be our own downfall. For example, the productions of Tyler Perry and Mona Scott-Young are very successful but they portray Black people in a very negative light. Perry’s movies are always centered around the sad, poor, and abused Black woman while Scott-Young’s production depicts Black women as uncontrollably angry. My contribution to my community would to begin a career in public relations with a concentration in branding or marketing that will uplift the Black community. In addition to this, I would like to produce a network that will showcase our talents, the importance of attending HBCUs, and showing programs and/or talk shows that assists with the development of our health, finances, or mental health.  

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