Words of Wisdom

After watching the different videos of the musical performances in class, I started to reflect on my life as an African American woman in today’s society and I realized that we are still living in a racial society where racism is intertwined in our everyday lifestyles; from the music that we listen too to the way media portrays us, referring to commercials, movies, and politics. These are all forms of subsidized forms of the new Jim Crow. In Jay Z video he describes the levels of how African Americans are portrayed in everyday society. Today’s form of racism is just as ubiquitous as it was during the Civil Rights movement. During the Civil Rights movement, African Americans took this time in history to build a foundation in order for the African American race to be treated equally with other races. The same thing is going on now in our society today, through the media and music. Although we have all of these movements, we still aren’t equal to whites in our society today. We don’t receive the same opportunities that whites have . One example is education. Education is the essential key to making it in life. The school system is based on location . Based on the racial ethnic composition of the areas, blacks living in the lower economic housing areas and the whites live in the more expensive housing areas, the quality of the education is based on where the money is. With having more money and being able to live in the better housing areas, that trickles down to the education which has an effect on jobs and the what people do.This is an example of oppression in today’s society but there are several more. The video of OJ states that stereotypes about black people still exist today and regardless of what you do and how well you do it, you will still be judged for it. With me being an African American woman going into the medical field, I know that I have to work two times harder than a white person so that I won’t be judged for the color of my skin but for the quality of my work.

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