Get Your Groove On!


Disco became popularized in the 1970’s, this was an era of dancing and big hair! The disco era introduced a new social activity, dancing solo. Men and women were able to break out in dances and express themselves and show individuality.

DJ’s were also evolving around this time, being that solo dances were breaking out, people needed a place to do it, the dancefloor, and someone to control the music, the DJ. The Dj consisted of one person playing music off of what is called a turn table, in response to the crowd. This disco era was essentially one big party.

Black women were also making an impact in this era. Legends such as Diana Ross, Donna Summers, and Grace Jones created music that made an impact in the disco era and defied gender norms. Popular songs such as, ” I’m Coming Out” , ” La Vie en Rose”, and “Hot Stuff” were long lasting hits that remain played today.

Donna Summer