During the videos in Friday class, it shows how being Black can impact the world good and black. If a Black person impact in a good or bad way, they will be concerned a negro. Who is it to say it is a higher power to let a white person to know we are important ? It is truly up to us, as black people to make a change in the world. It is about us making an impact for the next generation. This generation use so much social media and not worrying about how they can be involve in the community. Often times, looking at all the vast problems engulfing our society, it’s easy to feel inconsequential in the bigger picture. When we hear about wars, conflicts, uprisings, riots, murders, etc., it can make us feel like there’s nothing we can do. But, it is a lot doing we can do, that does not involve violence. It’s critical to listen to groups like Black Lives Matter with an open mind. Even though Black Lives Matter is it own organization, you can to take what you learn from it and make it into something bigger.

To actually acknowledge that you are a human being, you are a human spirit, and you are connected to other people, is how you can recognize yourself. People should create spaces for people to be able show up and express themselves talk about what they’re feeling, to make it more opinions and opening up the lives of black community.When we look at the court systems both from the standing laws as well as the prosecution and lack of accountability around black murders in this country, and the process that tell us that black lives do not matter. We as a community can talk about it all all, but we have to stand up and speak up. Also, the most important thing is not only speaking when something happened, but ALWAYS speaking about it. All lives will matter when black lives matter.

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