The Story of OJ by Jay-Z: What are you going to do to move forward?

All my life, I was told how smart I was, how strong I was, how black I was, how everything I was but no one ever said, How Izadora I was? As I matriculate in my college career, I always dreamt of becoming a surgeon because that was something no one in my family or my community was able to accomplish. Just being here I will be first generation to graduate with a degree so that’s pretty huge for me since none of my siblings ever finished school.  In The Story of OJ, Jay-Z brings to the surface that no matter where you are in your life, as long as you are walking around with black skin, you are still a nigger. Culture Appropriation is still a thing today and it’s evident that it is not going anywhere.

A year ago, I went to visit a friend a State College (Penn State) where I was followed by workers and police officers in Walmart because of the color of my skin. I am proud to be a nigger and I walk around with my head held high especially when I am in the presence of my white counterparts. No matter what I do or where I am at, they still going to say, “She’s still a nigger” right? So why should I change who I am to conform who I am for a society that won’t see me beyond the color of my skin. Moving forward, I hope the dream that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had when he said “ I look to a day when people will not be judge by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” will come to life.

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