Why Music Matters

When observing historical events in America, there is an apparent correlation with the evolution of music. At the beginning of the transition of African music to African American music in America following during slavery, negro spirituals and ring shouts were heavily monitored by the white Slave owners, causing them to “calm down” their performance. Later, music performances seen by the likes of jubilee quartets were also watered down to conform to white audiences. They were told to stand more still, and useless body movement, yet the passion still remained. I believe it is significant to mention our history, because where we come from is foretelling of where we are going. Now, we see that black music has evolved to be catered directly to the black community with hip hop artists such as j. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Rapsody, Solange, and Jay z, in which messages portray the disparity against minority in society, how to improve our situations, and how we can learn to love ourselves in a world where nobody else does. Now more than ever, I realize that music has the power to unify and transcend above the mental prisons that is still presently relevant in the African American community. Moving forward, music will begin to reflect the increased awareness against monumental topics that will be sure to catapult our race into a new level of consciousness. 

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