Who’s got SOUL? You got soul!


Soul music derived from in the 1950s from the sounds and tunes from the blues. During the mid 1960’s when it made its transition into being the genre of soul and became popular in the 1970s. Soul music has a timbre that makes its audience feel relaxed and calm but still engaging. The traditional topics sung in soul music was and still is today based on romance and social relationships. However, expanded to bringing social awareness to the political and social injustices inspired by Civil Rights and Black Power movements.  The mid-1960’s soul music, added negro spirituals, gospel music, rhythm and blues to freedom marches and sit-ins. The word “Soul” in the black community became a term associated with ” blackness”. So when riots began stores that were black owned wrote “Soul Brother” on their business to avoid destruction.  Some common singers many know are Ray Charles, James Brown and Sam Cooke.

Ray Charles “A Fool for You” 

Like many other genres, Soul has had an impact in the music we hear today, whether its the old hits being remixed into R&B and Rap songs. I would also say R&B was greatly influenced by Soul. With Artists like Carla Thomas, Aretha Franklin and many others.

This decade between 1950-1960s we saw black songs often stolen and recreated at slower pace songs by white people. Especially, in Detroit and other capitals that were important black music , white record labels and artists often looked as blacks as a easy target. You may have seen this in the movie, Dream Girls with the song “Cadillac”.

Cadillac Original in the Movie 

Cadillac Stolen 

I personally truly enjoy soulful music, it was played a lot around my household in addition to R&B music. I love how when you hear a soulful song everything seems more calm and relaxed, its just a good feeling overall.

Alexa Johnson

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