White Mediocrity vs. Black Genius: Dyson Deals the Dirt

On Friday in class, we watched Michael Eric Dyson’s interview with the Breakfast Club. The subject matter of the interview was pretty dense, but the subject that stuck out to me the most was when Dyson talked about white mediocrity versus black genius. For years now, the black community has struggled with trying to get recognition for the hard work that we put in, yet when a white person does something in the slightest direction of amazing or the inkling of good, they get all the accolades and distinctions and credit. Black people have to go out and bust their asses just to get a high five in the industry, let alone get awarded, and it’s quite sickening and unfair. Adele knew that Beyonce did more work and deserved that award, yet her privilege as a white woman prohibited her from seeing reality and being integral with the audience, and more importantly herself.

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