What’s classical music?

Classical music is the only  genre of music that was not created by African-American people. Classical music is referred to as music produced in the traditions of Western art and concert music coming from a broad period from maybe 1000AD to the present day. Classical music is considered primarily a written musical tradition, preserved in music notation, instead of being transmitted orally, by rote, or in recordings of particular performances. Even though there are differences between certain performances of a classical work, a piece of classical music is normally held to overstep  any interpretation of it. Classical music concerts often take place in an intense atmosphere, and the audience is  expected to stay quiet and  avoid distracting the concentration of other people in the audience. Classical music shows how complex it is through the composer’s use of development, changing of keys, sophisticated harmony and variation instead of repetition.

Classical music and popular music are always distinguished from each other because of the instruments that they use. Some instruments that are used in this type of music are the piano, harpsichord,  and organ. Classical music has often incorporated elements or even taken material from popular music. An example is  music such as Brahms’ use of student drinking songs in his Academic Festival Overture. Some of the most popular classic  music came from this genre during the 17-1800s from famous composers such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. Once Black people began writing and performing classical music, elements from the traditional black genres reinvented classical music. Some well known black classical music composers are William Grant Still, Scott Joplin, and Duke Ellington.




I don’t  too much like classical music because I find it to be very boring. I just can’t see myself listening to pianos for hours.

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