What makes it Funk(y)?

Funk is known as the most primal form of R&B. It was also the least structured, often stretching out into extended jams, and the most “Africanized” built on dynamic. The groove was the most important musical element of funk and all the instruments of the ensemble played off of one another to create it. Deep electric bass lines often served as main riffs, with scratchy guitar chords and horns over the top. One of the founders of funk was James Brown who implemented a signature groovy sound by emphasizing a chorus type climax and singing in a distinctly emphatic voice. Funk bands were just as likely to repeat a catchy chant or hook out of the blue, and to give different song sections equal weight. Funk allowed for more freedom and improvisation in addition to having a intense groove. Jimi Hendrix was a major inspiration for funk guitar soloists. I love how funk uses the same richly colored chords found in jazz. This genre incorporated  African music traditions and Afro-Cuban mambo.

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