What does it mean to be Black in Music and Society – Diamond Veney

For centuries, those who are of African-decent have been in a constant uphill battle against society. Since slavery there has been the results of colorism, economic hardships and the dismantled home just to name a few. In many cases, those who are of African-decent have had to defend their culture against those who question it on a daily basis. The black community goes further than just one’s skin tone or culture, but more of having the experience of being Black in America. The Black community is one that is waiting for the concept of being Black and what it means to be black to be redefined. The concept is not to ignore what it means to be black, but to evolve the strength and power of Blacks citizens of United States of America. Very often, black people do not operate as if they are citizens within America. It is very far from easy for African-Americans to empower themselves to the highest degree because of the odds that are against them. The black community must realize and develop the understanding of “Black America” and the idea of “Political Action” and leadership if it is to be successful in meeting its needs for the future. This idea of “Black American Political Action” is developing the needs and goals of the Black community, and communicating these aspirations to other individuals who are in positions to make these changes develop. This Political action is also established to discussing issues and conditions, and establishing, through resolutions, the positions of the black community. There are several ways that Black America can begin to promote change within America. The first is for all African-American to understand that they are citizens of America and they must define their citizenship in order to empower Black American to meet its needs. Citizenship must be used to hold those in higher positions accountable if they are impacting the lives of African-Americans. The second is that Black Americans must seek leadership positions in every aspect of employment, education, politics, business and industry. African-American must put an emphasize service to the black Community in his or her positon of leadership. The third major point is that each black leader must cooperate with other Black leaders to enhance the status of the Black Community. Today, the problems in Black America are bigger than any one individuals. Black Americans must work with each other in spite of themselves or in spite of others.

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