What difference does it make?

     Many people are ignorant of the truth behind the music. They don’t realize what each word may mean, why it is played the way it is played, or why the videos are conveyed in such a way. They are, for example, blind to the social and political examples conveyed through the music and videos, blind to the degrading elements of music from the previous years and blind to the outlet and hidden messages that slave music gave. African American music is so different from other forms music. The soul that the music has, the meaning and feeling behind the music, the versatility shown; they are all things people should be aware of. It should not only be used as a form of entertainment but as a way to prove there are so many things African Americans can do and are continuing to do. The difference it makes to learn about all these things is so that we can grow as people, gain knowledge through a source that spreads it well(music), as well as continue to amaze!

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