What Difference Does It Make?

Music has many different influences on people around the world, but in our case, as African Americans, why is it important to study our music? Throughout our history, music has been used as a source of comfort, creative expression, and a mean of bringing people together in times of celebration as well as in the face of adversity. Getting a deeper understanding of the meaning behind the words sung or the beats made in African American music can give further insight into why we are at the point we’re at today. We can also find our part of our purpose within African American music, because initially, it was used as a source of empowerment for slaves and it grew over time. If we examine the original roots of the music, we can see that we are resilient and we are meant to lift each other up and move forward towards a common goal. So, it is very important to study and understand African American music because it is a part of each of our identities.

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