What Difference Does It Make?

Music is always evolving. Black music derived from the slave trade where negro spirituals were born. Negro spirituals gave blacks an outlet to voice their struggles and hardships through music. The music they made told a story that later generations could listen to and understand the circumstances of the time. Another example of black music evolving was through jubilee quartets. Jubilee quartets allowed blacks to have center stage and show off their musical talents. Even though a lot of their music style and performance was copied by other cultures, it still goes to show the influence it had on the music world beyond black culture. Moving into today’s. culture, black music does not necessarily tell the struggles of the black culture but there is still a message that today’s generation can relate to. Though it does not inspire the same time passion towards the issues of black culture, it does give people an outlet to escape the problems going on the world today. However, I would argue that today’s music does have the same performance appeal that makes others want to replicate. Black music still has a type of uniqueness that draws curiosity to the music. Today’s black music is still unique, but does not address the issues in the world around us and it does not create a fire in young blacks to want to make a change in the world. Black music as a whole can work on expanding their message beyond the streets and make a better effort to promote black unity and justice.

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