What difference does it make? By Ivy Watkins

For people of color/ people of the African diaspora, music has meant everything to us. To call music, sound, and dance a saving grace for our culture and generations is an understatement. Because we were captured from Africa, forced across the Atlantic Ocean, and enslaved for years! Our history was supposed to be lost when we crossed that ocean but through different oral traditions like singing hymns, playing instruments like the banjo and handjuba, and dancing to the different rhythms and beats our preople created we are able to share our history as well as continue to add and create new parts to add to our culture as a group of people. Blacks also use music as a form of resistance, music brought the, life, joy, and direction. Often times the enslaved people would use songs to hide code words and hints in order to escape slavery without the master even realizing they were communicating as a people. Music made all of the difference for black people.

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