What Difference Does It Make?

For me, the answer to this question is pretty simple, music makes all the difference. It’s no secret that Black people have had a very difficult history in the Americas and have always had to do everything with added difficulty. But, music was the way that Black people expressed their cares, feelings, interests, etc. Music became the voice for a people whose voice was stolen from them and for whom having one was a crime.  Black people used music to speak to each other and the rest of the world. Music was used to relate to one another and to make a change in a country that didn’t even consider Black people as humans. Music was an escape to express individuality, while also encouraging “togetherness”. Music was also a way for Black people to exclaim their importance. The unique sound of black music, in every genre, led to the popular genres that appropriate sounds that originated from Black people. Black music is a template, while also being the entire vision. As a unique and complete work of art itself, it also serves as a base for many others to pull inspiration from.

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