What Difference Does it Make?

Music, especially in the African American community, has been a central part of life. Music marks major life events, transitions, and celebrations. In the African American community, there is seldom a moment where music is not an underlying part of life, both at the individual and community levels. To me personally, music has been a means of expressing feelings that I could not verbalize. The daily stresses can simply melt away if I hear the right song. From symphonic band pieces to gospel music to cool jazz, music has a way of reminding me of the simplest beauties in the world and giving me the solace I need to unwind, rejuvenate, and recenter myself. Music was and continues to be therapy for many, providing creative outlets for the expression of emotion and even shaping and molding societal norms. Music will never not be influential and powerful, and it is up to us to claim our music, and continue to use it as a means of expression, and not just for societal capitalistic gain.  

A few of my favorite songs:

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