What are Jubilee Quartets?

jubilee quartets
Golden Gate Quartet
The Golden Gate Quartet was formed in 1931 with Willie Johnson, Henry Owens, William Langford, and Orlandus Wilson which eventually changed overtime. They were most known for their many gospel and spiritual performances. They performed on radio stations and eventually got a signed to a contract which led to many successes.
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5 Blind Boys of Mississippi
The 5 Blind Boys of Mississippi were one of the most popular Jubilee Quartets in the the 1900s. They sang both spiritual and secular music.
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Soul Stirrers
The Soul Stirrers originated back in 1926 and are most known for launching the career of legendary Sam Cooke. Overtime they completed many tours and gospel performances to make a name for theirselves.
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Norfolk Jubilee Quartet
The Norfolk Jubilee Quartet originated in Virgina. They mainly sang jazz and blues but sometimes ventured off into spiritual and gospel music.
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Pilgrim Travelers
The Pilgrim Travelers were very influential within the gospel golden era. They were formed in the 1930s by Joe Johnson and Willie Davis. They made a very strong name for themselves by 1945.
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Dixie Hummingbirds
The Dixie Hummingbirds originated in 1928. They began to make a name for their group when they relocated from South Carolina to Philadelphia. Ira Tucker played a huge part in the group's success.
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Flying Clouds of Detroit
The Flying Clouds of Detroit originated back in 1929 when they were just teenagers. Even though they never gained a national reputation they were still very influential especially in Detroit, Michigan.
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Fairfield Four
The Fairfield Four began in 1921 in Nashville, Tennessee. The group have received 3 Grammy Awards and were inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1999.
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