We Want The Funk

Funk music became a thing in the 1960’s, it became popular in the 1970’s & 1980’s. Funk actually was inspired by the tradition of African-Americans orating. Funk is not even nessacarily a musical genre. This is said because after doing some research funk music is also based off of the dancing that is done to this music. When talking about the music thought people talk about the drums, the bassline, and by how this music will get someone’s body moving. Some artists that have came out of the funk music is the incredible James Brown, Prince, George Clinton, and so many more. Keep reading and learn about the great & late James Brown and his career.


James Brown:

James Brown was hands down one of the most influential artist in the history of music. James brown was born and raised in South Carolina on May 3rd, 1933. James brown is not only known for his music, he is also known for his clothing. When he was chiled he was sent home a lot because of the different clothing he would wear. He wore jumpsuits, earring, and so many different amazing pieces. Gospel music heavily influenced James Brown musical career. Growing up in the south he went to church a lot so he would see preacher dance, shout, and even stomp. He also had neighbors who taught him how to play the drums, piano, and the guitar.

So when looking back on the research that was done it seems that James Brown combined the different things he learned to become the musical genuis that he was. He would sing in talent shows he would even sing to his class sometimes. James Brown did not always want to go into music as a career, he wanted to go into sports as well. He also loved boxing and baseball. He had a lot of different interest beside music. Well obvioulsy he chose to go into music. He had about 100 singles on the best seller lists. Some of James Brown’s singles include “I Got You”, “Get Up Offa Thing”, “It’s A Man’s Man’s World”, and so many more.

James Brown affected music for black people. Funk music was a big era in musical history. This is said because black people really enjoyed this time. They would sit outside listen to music, they would dance. This genre of music made it so black people could express themselves freely. Funk music is definitely iinteresting. Hope you enjoyed this post.

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