Victoria Monét

By Abiodun Scott

Victoria Monét

Born on May 1st, 1993 in Georgia to an African American mother and French father, Victoria Monét McCants experienced drastic changes in her early childhood. Following her parent’s divorce, she moved to Sacramento, California to live with her grandmother, a time in which her mother worked three jobs in order to afford her education. While raised by her grandmother, Victoria spent much of her time singing with her church youth group, going so far as to sing in her Catholic school’s holiday play. She also went on to join the dance team Boogie Monstarz at Step One Dance Studios in her city, where her innate ability to dance, coupled with her inherent ability to write songs, cemented her desire to be a performer. During high school, she attended a performing arts school and honed her craft.

The Beginning - Purple Reign

Victoria Monét had soon developed a love for writing poetry, and In 2008 she reached out to Rodney Jerkins (Darkchild) through Myspace, which promptly started her career as a musician. He invited her to audition for his new girl group “Purple Reign.”

Following the release of their mixtape “Darkchild Presents: Purple Reign,” they disbanded in 2011.

Victoria The Lyricist

Through the years, Victoria Monét has made a name for herself as an amazing songwriter. From Kanye West to Fifth Harmony, all the way to Ariana Grande, Monét has amassed credits far and wide. About her music and lyrics, she stated “my inspiration comes from my personal experiences mixed with other people’s experiences. I’m kind of a sponge. I can take someone else’s situation and absorb the feelings of it. I want to always be able to help someone express through song what they wouldn’t be able to express in the real world. I want my music to help people’s emotions speak so they don’t have to.” She’s also privy to living without acclaim and working without praise, noting that one should take “those moments when you feel frustrated, call those moments the “character builders” and you want your character to be a superhero! You’re always one step away from the next step, all you gotta do is take it every time.”

Production and Writing Credits

“You Wouldn’t Understand” – Nas

(featuring Victoria Monét)

“Sin City” – GOOD Music

“Introduction” – T.I.

“Live On Tonight” – T.I. 

(featuring Victoria Monét)

“Malice In Wonderland” Victoria Monét

“Déjà Vu” – Coco Jones

“Visual Love” – Chrisette Michele

“Honeymoon Avenue” – Ariana Grande

“Daydreamin'” – Ariana Grande

“Would You Wait” – Victoria Monét

“Intro” – Ariana Grande

“My Everything” – Ariana Grande

“Only 1” – Ariana Grande

“Cadillac Song” – Ariana Grande

“Everlasting Love” – Fifth Harmony

“Them Girls Be Like” – Fifth Harmony

“Reflection” – Fifth Harmony

“We Know” – Fifth Harmony

“Double Tap” – Jordin Sparks

(featuring 2 Chainz)

“A Little More”  Machine Gun Kelly

(featuring Victoria Monét)

“Intro” – Ariana Grande

“Wit It This Christmas” – Ariana Grande

“December” – Ariana Grande

“Not Just on Christmas” – Ariana Grande

“True Love” – Ariana Grande

“Winter Things” – Ariana Grande

“Moonlight” – Ariana Grande

“Be Alright” – Ariana Grande

“Let Me Love You” – Ariana Grande

(featuring Lil Wayne) 

“Leave Me Lonely” – Ariana Grande

(featuring Macy Gray)

“I Don’t Care” – Ariana Grande

“Knew Better / Forever Boy” – Ariana Grande

“Step On Up” – Ariana Grande

“No Way” – Fifth Harmony

“I Want You” – Sara Evans

“Goodnight n Go” – Ariana Grande

“Pete Davidson” – Ariana Grande

“Thank U, Next” – Ariana Grande

“7 Rings” – Ariana Grande

“Needy” – Ariana Grande

“NASA” – Ariana Grande

“Make Up” – Ariana Grande

“Ghostin” – Ariana Grande

Life After Love

Striking gold with her two part album, Life After Love parts one and two pen the stages a person goes through during a break up (part one) and the subsequent bounce back following their decision to love again. With an R&B flow you can jam to, the album is raw. Following a deeply painful break up, Monét poured herself into her music, wanting each song to chronicle each of the separate stages she experienced. She knew her audience would listen and feel understood in a time when they think the world couldn’t possibly comprehend. Though she isn’t mainstream, Victoria Monét created an album that will transcend time.

Life After Love - Part One

Life After Love - Part Two

Going Forward: Jaguar

Currently, Victoria Monét is set to release her latest album “Jaguar” in Spring 2020. Her message about all around acceptance and freedom is sure to flow through it, as her single releases have exhibited just that.

Discography and Singles

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