Utibe Ikoiwak IME


Hello! My name is Utibe Ikoiwak. I am a third year biology major at Spelman College on the Pre-med track . I am an international student from Nigeria. After graduation, I plan to further my studies in a suitable medical school.


I am really excited for this class because I am certain it would be broaden my knowledge on Afro-american artists and musicians in general. I am really not a music person, I don’t have a favorite musician or a favorite song. I also don’t get the hype over concerts, possible cause I haven’t found an artist, I resonate with. Don’t get me wrong,  I enjoy listening and dancing to my favorite Nigerian jams from time to time but I do not have the same passion of music as many people do. Growing up , especially in high school, I envied people who had such a huge passion for music and although I didn’t understand what a passion for music was, I admired it. Hopefully, in this class, I would get to learn a lot about afro-american music  and possible find a favorite artist.


I don’t have much experience with music and musical instruments. Apart from the flute, I was forced to learn to play in elementary school, I haven’t really learned or played any musical instruments. However I have been interested in learning the guitar for a long time. Maybe sooner or later, I’ll turn my interest into action.


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