The Wheat Street Female Quartet

The Wheat Street Female Quartet is known to have been the first female quartet group that was documented.  History shows they may have actually been the first recording for a female quartet which was dated in Atlanta around 1925.  Though no one knows exactly the names of the women who make up this quartet group, they are said to be a group of women who were members of the Wheat Street Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Wheat Street Baptist Church later became know for featuring various gospel and quartet programs in the 1940s and 1950s.

Recording History


The Wheat Street Female Quartet may have been the first recording of a female quartet in Atlanta, GA.  In 1925 and 1926 they were able to record six sides for Columbia and Okeh. 

Where Is The History?

Women in the Jubilee Quartets were either nonexistent or overlooked.  This being said, the Wheat Street Female Quartet group has no documented history outside of the songs they recorded.  The Wheat Street Female Quartet still has yet to have the members named.  However, they are the starting force for women’s prevalence in the Jubilee Quartet time period.  With this in mind, females being overlooked, the Wheat Street Female Quartet group were the first female quartet group to be recorded ultimately making history even though they are denied exploration.  They made history without even being named.  Their songs are featured in the album: Vocal Quartets, which is a complete recorded works and supplements (Volume 7: S/T/V/W 1925-1944).

Song Recordings

“Religion Is A Fortune” 

“Go Down, Moses” 

“Wheel In A Wheel” 

“My Way Is Cloudy”

“Oh! Yes!”

“When The Saints Go Marching In”


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