Underground Sound


Also Know As

Detroit Techno

where did it Begin?

Techo emerged from an underground movement started in Detroit, Michigan. It came about in the early 1980s. During the 80s Detroit was a predominately black city. Whites fled to the suburbs during this time leaving the city ruins to be dominated by blacks. Thus the movement began and Techo was created,

Where did the sound come from?

Techno was influenced by a mixture of genres including Jazz, Chicago house, Funk, and electo-funk. It can be described as an accelerated digitized version of Funk. It is produced through computer based digital software and machines. It is a repetitive instrumental beat. It is also influenced by futuristic and scifi realities.

Who listens to Techo?

Since its origin the listeners of Techo have changed drastically. Originally it was Blacks who indulged in Techno music, but today it is very popular in Europe and amongst white folk.

Facts About Techno


Major "instruments" used.

Samplers, Computers, Drum machines, multi-track mixers, synthesizers, and digital audio workbooks.


There are different types of techno

There is acid techno, Detroit techno, ambient techno, and industrial techno. They all similar but have distinct sounds.