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  •  Born in Ontario, Canada 
  • Attended Harvard 
  • studied composition of piano in New York 
  • taught at Hampton institute in Virginia and Bennett College in North Carolina 
  • forest black director at Hampton institute 
  • did concert at churcges, concert halls, and then toured Europe.
  • thought that negro folk music was a gift to the world
  • Got his doctorates from Howard University 
  • Found his true calling after hearing the Kneisel Quartet perform. 
  • had musical experience since a very early age 
  • composed music that used negro folk idioms in a new way 
  • most popular pieces were “Magnolia in the bottom” ,“listen to the lambs (1914)”, “somebody’s knocking at your door (1919)”, “I’m so glad trouble don’t last always(1919)”. 

  • his performances captured the spirit of the text through frequent and exaggerated changes of dynamics.
  • parents were slaves 

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