Tye Tribbett


Tye Tribbett, birth name Tyrone, was born in Camden, New Jersey on January 26, 1977. His father, Thomas Tyrone Tribbett was a former pastor, and his mother, Niecy Tribbett, was also a former pastor. He is a gospel singer, songwriter, and producer, who rose to prominence in 1998 with his song “Let Go, Let God” from the Prince of Egypt soundtrack that catapulted him beyond the gospel music industry into the mainstream.

Music Career

His music career has been very successful, he had five #1 albums, two #1 radio singles, and four #1 digital song sales. As stated on his website, “He is currently one of the most inspirational voices online.” In 2020, he performed his song “We Gon Be Alright” which encourages others to preserve through God even through tough times. He and his choir shared the stage with singers such as Gloria Estefan, Luther Vandross, Elton John, and Stevie Wonder. Throughout the years his songs have become widely popular and exposed others to the new sound of gospel music. Some of his songs include; “He Turned It,” “What Can I Do,” and “Work It Out.”


  • 2013 – Soul Train Award
  • 2014 – Grammy Award for Best Gospel Album
  • 2014- Grammy Award for Best Gospel Song


Gospel music has gone through many evolutions throughout the years, but one thing that remains the same is the message about the lord. The beginning of the gospel we know today can be traced back to the transitional period of the genre in the 50s. Groups such as the Soul stirrers would embody the new rhythmic, upbeat tone and the beginning of call and response that was different from the traditional version from the 30s and 40s. The call and response were later “sophisticated” by Thomas A. Dorsey, who is known as the godfather of the modern gospel. He would also introduce jazz cadences and rhythms into his songs for the church. Contemporary Gospel, which is the current gospel music that we hear today started in the 60s with the song “Oh Happy Day” which changed the way we would hear gospel music in the modern sense.

Comparison of Tye Tribbett vs Past Gospel

Tye Tribbett’s music has some of the staples of gospel music, such as call-and-response as shown in his song “He Turned It.” This song also has adlibs in it, which have been shown through many years with the gospel genre, pastors/preachers will often throw in small sayings during breaks of the songs. His song “Anyhow” has elements of clapping and stomping, often seen throughout black churches.
He is a new decade of gospel music, therefore a handful of his songs include rapping and more untraditional elements within gospel music. For example, he does not utilize the organ but he does have trumpets and guitars in the background which have been used before with the Soul Stirrers “I’m a soldier in the army of the lord.” While Tribbett is a more modern gospel artist there are elements within his instruments and music that can qualify his music in the gospel genre.

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