Twenty Folk Music Facts

  1. Originated as early as the 19th century
  2. Characteristics to describe folk music are polyrhythm, call & response, and instruments 
  3. Some instruments used in folk music are fiddle, banjo, tambourine, etc. 
  4. Used to give slaves sense of community 
  5. Influences other genres of music
  6. Lift Every Voice and Sing is a popular folk song 
  7. Ballards are influenced by folk music
  8. Folk music has many sub genres
  9. Folk dance, folk singing, and folk instruments 
  10. Is an oral tradition 
  11. Represents a culture/tradition
  12. Influenced by immigrants
  13. Folk process; change of songs when being passed down
  14. Tunes are repeated several times 
  15. Can be used to tell stories 
  16. Folk music has influenced country music
  17. Folk-blues is a type of folk music
  18. Rose as a result of the transatlantic slave trade
  19. Folk Music = Traditional Music
  20. Influenced other cultures outside of African Americans

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