Travis Scott Astroworld Concert Review


Travis Scott Astroworld took place November 13th at 7:30 at the State Farm Arena. The opening acts were Sheck Wes, Trippie Red and Gunna. Sheck Wes performed his hit songs including crowd pleaser ‘Mo Bamba’. Atlanta rapper Gunna performed his hit songs including, ‘Drip or down’ and Drip too hard’ with rapper lil baby.  Trippie Red performed hit songs ‘ Topanga’ and Love Scars 3′. I enjoyed the performances by Sheck Wes and Gunna. Their energy was amazing and I like them as artist as well. I did not enjoy trippie red at all. I feel as if he can not rap and just yells words into a microphone. 

Let’s Rage! Travis Scott is one of my favorite artist I have been a day one fan since his album ‘Days before the Rodeo’. The concert began with Travis coming on stage performing Stargazing. The energy shared with him and the crowd was amazing. He is an amazing performer, one of my favorite things with him is he truly shows the love he has for his fans. The concert feels more like a party where everyone is a big family dancing, jumping, and singing along. As travis went along to perform carousel, he actually rode a carousel during the performance, along with special effects of confetti and fire. 

As the concert went along Travis performed a top favorite ‘ Mamacita’  and new favorite ‘no bystanders’ which got the crowd even more turnt than they already were. If you are a true fan these songs make everyone go crazy and jump up and down.  He then went to perform a top hit ‘Butterfly effect’ and ‘Dont play’. Travis then took it back for the day one fans mellowing the mood down with ‘ Drugs you should try it and ‘90210’. Bringing it back to now he then performed recent album hits ‘Yosemite’, ‘Skeletons’ ‘Cant Say’ and ‘Houstinfornication’.  During the performances Travis used Curtains and screens to project graphics and special effects that went along with certain songs. He also had blow up figures of an astronaut, himself and other theme park figures. He also rode a rollercoaster during ‘5% tint’ to fit into the theme of being at theme park Astroworld. The concert ended with top song from the album ‘ Sicko mode’. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed myself during this concert. This was my third time seeing Travis and this was the best one yet. I would pay to see him over and over again. He is an amazing and dedicated performer. He loves his fans and we love him back even more.  

Set Song List

Way Back
Butterfly Effect
No Bystanders
Stop Trying to be God
Love Galore
Dark Knight Dummo (with Trippie Redd)
Drugs You Should Try It
Through the Last Night
Yosemite (with Gunna)
R.I.P. Screw
5% Tint
Can’t Say
Don’t Play
Upper Echelon
Beibs in the Trap
Piss on Your Grave
Sicko Mode

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