I created this poster to recognize brilliant Black artist and genres that blessed this country with their creativity from the 60’s to the 80’s. Many of the artist on this poster are my personal favorites, yet all are trailblazers in their own right. The timeline began with The Temptations, Parliament-Funkadelic, James Brown and other notable Funk artist to symbolize Funk genre because they are all notable artist who revolutionized the funky music. Next, for Disco I incorporated the culture of disco instead of disco artist, from the big afros to the vest and sunglasses this demonstrates the mood of disco. Notable artist in this genre are Diana Ross, The Bee Gees,  Chic, Sister Sledge and many more that transformed funk into a feel good disco dancing vibe. For techno I used an image that to me symbolizes techno music not just in words, however the mash up of beats and the head spinning sound. I used Aretha Franklin and other artist to symbolize soul because they are some of my personal favorites. Finally, I used Maxwell, though he isn’t in the time frame, and Prince to symbolize R&B because I enjoy their sound and I believe they are iconic. I colored the poster in black and white to emphasize Blackness in the artist and the genres and I placed a American Flag made of newspaper headings in the middle to symbolize how although our race faced so much turmoil yet we remained tenacious and exemplified creativity and innovation. So this is my timeline to demonstrate how timeless Black music is.

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