Tiana Opara- Beyonce’

I. Introduction

  1. Background information
  2. Style of singing
  3. Thesis: Since a young age Beyonce’ has been a driving force to become one of the greatest entertainers of all time through her versatility as an artist and by dominating almost every musical genres
  4. Influences/ Mentors
  1. Influences: Whitney Houston, Diana Ross,  and Tina Turner
    1. Dancing style: Josephine Baker influence
  2. Mentor relationships: Prince and Michael Jackson
  3. How these influences helped her become successful

   III. Girl’s  Tyme/ Destiny’s Child

  1. Matthew Knowles idea
  2. Members of each group
    1. Conflicts within group
    2. Awards and nominations
    3. Genre of music
  1. Solo Career
  1. Debut album
    1. Sales/ nominations
    2. Genre of music
  1. Crossover
  2. Impact in music industry
  3.  Lemonade Album
  1. The different types of genres in one album
  2. The response to the album
    1. Superbowl performance
  3. Awards and nominations
  1. Current Status
  1. Impact in music
  2. Chloe and Halle: Mentees
  3. Other artists she has influenced
  4. Social media influence


  1. Reiterate thesis statement

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