They don’ took my money- Another reason to have the Blues

The commodification of the blues

Now, I’ll tell you about the blues, all negroes like the blues, why? cause’ they was born with the blues, and now everybody have it, they just don’t know what it is. – Leadbelly

The blues, the feeling so hard to itch and scratch and get rid of, that seems to be embedded and forever flowing within the bodies of the black populous.  a genre that started so out so organically and represents the understanding of one’s feelings and creatively making music out of it. It did not take long for this genre to leak out of the south into mainstream music. However, the OG’s such as Robert Johnson and Muddy waters did not receive any credit as the blues was slowly modified and rebranded as Rock and Roll. To this date, many lyrics and the style of blues has essentially been stolen and modified to entertain white audiences. There have been a select few blues artists who have been inducted into the hall of fame for their contributions to modern music today, but only through the acknowledgment of white artists. There is no way we can not have the blues.


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