Thelonious Monk Outline/Bibliography

Thelonious Monk – Outline/ Bibliography

Biographical Study Outline

  • Thelonious Sphere Monk
  • born two years after his sister Marion on October 10, 1917, in Rocky Mount, North Carolina,
    • Was the son of Thelonious and Barbara Monk
    • Family background and early young adult experiences
    • Highschool Experiences
  • Adult Life (Body)
    • NightClub Music Playing
    • Creation of Bebop
  • Personal Life
    • Relationships and family
    • Lorraine Gordon
    • Did they affect the people positively or negatively?
  • Career
    • Prestige Records
    • Riverside Records
    • Columbia Records
  • What he is known for? His Legacy
  • Accomplishment
  • Conclusion
  • How Thelonious Monk helped revolutionize the music scene for musicians with Autism Spectrum Disorder
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Dr. Johnson, I would genuinely like to thank you for being the professor of the class Survey of African American Music. It has been the

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Thelonious Monk Bibliography

Thelonious Monk Bibliography Allen, C. (2017, November 6). The demons and obsessions of jazz genius Thelonious Monk. Retrieved February 18, 2018, from The Guardian:

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The Blues Don’t Change

The Blues Don’t Change  Origins  Deep out of the Delta of Mississippi, in the 1800s after an influx of migrant workers began to migrate through

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Imani Jones’ IME

My name is Imani Jones, I am 20 year old, sociology major at Spelman College with a major in sociology. I currently live in Columbus,

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