The Walls Group

Based in Houston Texas, The Walls Group formed in 2009 by their parents Roger and Alicia Walls who are two amazing singers at their Baptist church. From a young age, their parents encouraged them to use their voice to praise God and to do that both inside and outside of church. Although the entire Walls family have great voices to sing, none of the younger sibling were old enough to truly start the journey to fame so the parents decided to allow the four eldest children to begin producing music on a professinal level.

The Family

Before there was an established Walls Group, there was the family of eight singers called the Walls Infinity who got their attention from youtube videos. All eight children would gather in the living room of their Texan home and sing negro spirituals and gospels songs dating many years back with the oldest children being the official Walls Group the younger siblings often took the lead as a form of vocal training with everyone else as backup in order to help mature their voices for the future.

The Group

The Group itself consist of the four oldest siblings with Darrel (oldest) being the tenor, Rhea (second oldest) as the soprano, Paco (third oldest) as baritone and lastly Anjah (youngest) as the alto. These four siblings use their voices to form various riffs and runs putting emphasis on certain notes to bring out the melody in the songs they sing. 

The Rise to Fame :

"Fast Forward"- The First Studio Album

In 2012, the quartet released an album named after their group making its way to #29 on the charts of Billboard's Top Gospel Albums. Catching the attention of Kirk Franklin, it wasn't long before he signed the talented group to Fo Yo Soul Recordings under RCA Records. With this label Franklin, helped them to train each of their voices for stardom seeing as they were very young at the time of their signing. It wasn't until 2014 when they released their first studio album Fast Forward making it #1 on Billboard's Top Gospel Albums and having artists such as Lecrae and Brandy feature on songs. Following this release they quickly gained attention and were nominated at the Grammys and the 30th Stellar Awards for their gospel songs.

This gospel group has taken inspiration from various legendary artists such as Kiki Sheard, Kim Burrell, Kirk Franklin, The Soul Stirrers, Dorinda Clark Cole, and the Soul Seekers and many more.

Live Performances



With a more modern take on the traditional jubilee quartets, The Walls Group has not lacked in any way to uphold the spiritual meaning being these quartets by staying true to their original goal of producing mainstream music revolving around christianity and spirituality. Despite being different ages and at different stages in their life, they continued to produce music and go on to many award shows performing for celebrities ranging from Jennifer Hudson in a small room or hundreds of celebrities at the BET Awards.

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