The Untold Story Of The Wheat Street Female Quartet

Written By: Mauranne Vernier

What Are Jubliee Quartets?

  • Jubliee Quartets originated in the mid-1800s. In African American music, a quartet is a vocal ensemble that consists of a minimum of four voices and a maximum of six voices singing four-part harmony arrangements in either a cappella style or with limited instrumentation. Their framework for music is shown throughout all music. 

The Gospel Truth

  • Although gospel music had always been around before the 1940s, jubilee quartets became known as “gospel” quartets when they began to incorporate more performance practices characteristic of the gospel genre and repertoire.

  • They used dramatic improvisational delivery that made the congregation cheer and scream. 

  • Gospel quartets are Male or female ensemble of four to six voices singing close vocal harmonies, featuring melismatic lead singers and instrumental accompaniment of drums, guitar, and bass.

Who are The Wheat Street Female Quartet?

  • Throughout the history of Jubliee Quartets & Gospel Quartets, we have heard of The Dixie Hummingbirds, The Willie Dixon Soul Stirrers, The Five Blind Boys Zion and much more. However, there isn’t that much information about Women’s quartet groups. 

  • The Wheat Street Female Quartet was a woman a capella quartet from Atlanta, Georgia. Their story is nowhere to be found. It was never documented, which is heartbreaking to hear since their perspective would be interesting compared to the men. 

  • However, their legacy lives through their music. Songs like “Religion in a fortune and “My Way is Cloudy” show their musicianship. Additionally , these songs show their switch lead, which is alternate phrases in a single song between two lead singers.  

Wheat Street Female Quartet Playlist

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