Jay-Z’s The Story of O.J is a song that discusses the state of Black men in America. He does so by discussing the different arenas of Black males stereotypes in relation to image, and socioeconomics. Musically, Jay- Z samples from Nina Simone’s Four- Women. Simone is one of the most pivotal artist of the Civil Rights and Black Arts Movements. As for his imagery, Jay-Z uses a cartoon character, eerily familiar to Black culture: a vaudeville caricature. The character is a illustration that was used to mimic and demean African Americans throughout the early to mid twentieth century. In his lyrical content, Jay-Z explains the plight of African American en explaining how regardless of how high of a status he may reach in society, he will still be diminished to his skin color of Black. Per his beliefs, Jay-Z states the only way to freedom for Black men is through financial gain. He runs through his experiences with money- his failures and realizations. He then explains how once a certain status of financial stability is gained, it will not matter if he is Black because he can support himself without worrying about being oppressed financially.