The Story of Jazz part 2

Dasia Byrd
Survey of African American Music
M W F @1

  • Lady gives carisma when she sings. You can hear it in her voice.
  • Mcrae believed Lady was very modern.
  • Armstrong taught Billie Holiday that your voice is your instrument.
  • Billie Holiday was an important singer of the 30s.
  • Ella Fitzgerald blurred the distinction from pop and jazz.
  • Fitzgerald sang her way to the top.
  • During the great depression there were a lot of swing songs.
  • Jazz had moved from Harlem to 5 6 avenue of New York.
  • Billy Eckstine felt like they had a different sound.
  • Musical analysts wanted fans to take sides with old vs new singers.
  • Everyone plays the same things but has their own individual expression. 
  • Beatbox was a term name given but everyone played differently. It was very uplifting music. It was a natural evolution of culture.
  • Charlie Parker had a new approach to playing music. His techniques were different.
  • Parker would overlap to another key and come back. Everyone admired him for that. “That’s how music should be played”.
  • Parker bebop through the piano. He did something no one has done before.
  • He could handle tremendous tempos.
  • Munk was the most prolific composer.
  • Munk was very rhythmic and swinging in a lot of his music.
  • Munk, bird, budd were all special at that time. They were all trying to evolve the music.
  • Betsy Smith was the queen of jazz. She was nothing like Ella or Billie Holiday.
  • Smith’s sound was very distinctive.

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