The Story Of Jazz Notes

By Briaja Gilbert

Jazz Musicians & Composers

~ Billy Baldwin: First Jazz Musician to become popular amongst the general public.

~Louis Armstrong: Father of Jazz and creates the infamous “trumpet solo” within Jazz.

~PJ Harvey: One of the first Jazz female musical analyst.

~ Mary Lou Williams:Pianist and one of the first leading ladies in the jazz scene.

~King Buddy Bolden: Developed “jass” which became Jazz

~Joe Oliver: Known for use of mutes in jazz


~ Coleman Hawkins: established the saxophone as a serious jazz instrument.

~ James B. Johnson: Famous for playing piano with only his left hand and developed the Charleston

~Duke Ellington: Band leader & composer. Contributed to the Harlem Renaissance.

~Lester Young: Tenor Saxophone player with a timbre that was commonly known to be smooth & light.

~Charlie Parker: Jazz saxophonist, band leader, and composer.

~Benny Goodman: King of swing 


~Jazz is more upbeat compared to classical music

~Jazz was looked at as a sin and those who participated were shamed

~Ragtime was the foundation of Jazz

~Jazz musicians were largely self taught

~Jazz took form in New Orleans, but musicians  traveled to different parts of America including  Detroit and Chicago

~At first African Americans were unable to record jazz music professionally due to  whites having a dominance in the recording studio

~Soloists would spark up the overall Jazz band’s performance

~A study about Jazz stated that it brought up a new found expression of sexuality in American people

~ Harlem became the center of new music creation

~The Ellington Band Institution became an article so strong it is now placed with its own category of music

~Records became the most important way to spread jazz


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