The Legacy of Jazz

By: TaNiyah Armstrong

Often Called…

“Instant swing” – Both upbeat and downbeat o Jazz are equally as important

“1st world music” – representative of the entire worlds culture 


Deeply rooted in African (West African) culture

  • Caribbean migration

  • Slave trade 

    • Banjo

    • Jaw bones

    • Board

Jazz musicians were often looked down 

Influential Jazz Figures…

Louis Gottschalk:

  • “Louis Gottschalk recreated what he heard to popularize Jazz”

  • Ragtime was an extension of Gottschalk’s music

Buddy Bolden:

  •  “1st Jazz Great” 1st authentic legend

Louis Armstrong:  father of Jazz/ Jazz trumpet/ organized solo

  • Consolidated all aspects of Jazz and the music that existed even before he started playing 

  • Understood all aspects of music and could play anything through his trumpet (highest level of instrumental versatility)

  • Father of organized solo


  • First ever Jazz Recording

  • Recorded became extremely important 

Jelly Roll Martin: 

  • Went East to perform in Chicago and Detroit 

Sam Wooding: 

  • took Jazz overseas to Berlin in 1924

  • Also traced to Barcelona and South America 

“Lil” – One of the first female Jazz band members (pianist)

Mary Lou Williams – one of the first leading women in modern Jazz

Important Locations…

New Orleans: 

  • provided lots of jobs through the entertainment and music industry

  • Provided people with a chance to start fresh

  • Though it was extremely popular in NO it was not restricted to just there


  • Creative people came there

  • Hub for talent and nightlife

  • Cotton Club

  • Ellington Music: became synonymous with Harlem and black culture there


  • Charlie Parker

  • Pete Johnson 

  • Led to boogie woogie,, then to a craze in 1940’s 

In the 30’s the radio became a bands most reliable tool in spreading their music

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