The Story of Jazz

Class Notes

by: Deja Johnson

  • The roots of Jazz can be traced to West Africa
  • Jazz can be considered as a form of art
  • An early popular instrument used in Jazz was the Banjo
  • The first Jazz legend is Buddy Bolden and can also be considered as the trumpet king
  • The father of Jazz is Louis Armstrong
  • The birthplace of Jazz in America is New Orleans it later migrated to cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Harlem
  • Jazz was outlet for African Americans and was usually performed during the night life
  • During the 20s was a time when Jazz incorporated Black and White people
  • Sam Wooding can be said to have taken Jazz to the rest of the world as he performed Jazz in Berlin, Barcelona, and Spain
  • Women also participated in the sound of Jazz
  • Mary Lou Williams was a leading lady of the modern jazz sound
  • Jelly Morton is responsible for the Jazz presence on the east coast
  • Jazz created slang that is used today like Chops, Big Apple, & Square these can be considered to be Bebop terms

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