Story of Jazz Notes by Sierra Foster

Jazz (Traditional Jazz/ Trad Jazz)was described as an “upbeat” sound compared to the music that had been out at the time. 

Black Musicians couldn’t even record the music that they had made for the first 5 years of its existence

New Orleans was a mecca for jazz because of the freedom that Africans that were brought to America had to be in touch with themselves. 

Jazz began to spread to the Northern areas, such as Chicago and New York for them to find better lives and circumstances.

Charleston dance was established with the jazz sound and later on the Harlem swing and boogie boogie in the 1940s.

Happy Feet was a dance completion that allowed people to “cut the rug” dancing for prizes. 

Trad Jazz led to Swing, Be-Bop, Cool Jazz, Jazz Fusion (1970s), and later Free Jazz.

Be-Bop had numerous elements that formed from jazz, like swing, and was more “scientific” requiring more scientific and deeper knowledge of instruments for lines. Artist Thelonious Monk was mentioned.

Jazz led to rock & roll and it was said that “each generation got weaker” due to the less amount of intricacies needed for the music. 

Significant Artist:

Buddy Bolden- considered the first jazz musician when the genre became popular 

Louis Armstrong- known as the father of Jazz music. Very known for his trumpet playing abilities with his high note holding sound 

James Johnson- Charleston dance from the sound of Jazz and played piano with left hand, creating illusion like it was with two hands.

Coleman Hawkins-  A very known saxophone player who established it as a jazz instrument 

Nina Simone- woman jazz artist mentioned for her musical work.

John Coltrane- known saxophonist who was famous in the jazz genre, more specifically Be-Bop.

Duke Ellington- “It don’t mean a thing, if it don’t got that swing”

Charlie Parker- ” bird” A jazz saxophone player who was known in the Be-Bop era. 

Miles Davis- known for his trumpet playing abilities the jazz genre; “Birth of the cool”

Dizzy Gillespie- “The beats” was mentioned in regards to the modern jazz era.

Thelonious Monk- A jazz pianist who contributed to the Be-Bop era.  

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