The Story of Jazz – Notes

Kelaiah Dixon

·  Jazz music tends to swing. The upbeat and downbeat of jazz are equally important

·  Jazz music was that was able to capture the entire worlds culture

·  Its roots are deeply woven in West Africa

·  The stew of music that became jazz began when Africans were brought to America through slavery

·  The most influential instrument was the banjo

·  Buddy bolden became the music’s first authentic legend. Louis Armstrong was the father of jazz.

· Louis Armstrong consolidated all aspects of jazz before he came on the music scene

· Martin anticipated swing era

· New Orleans red lights district-jazz was big part of social upheaval of roaring 20s-armstrong studied oliver-dixieland brought new element of jazz

· In 1920s Chicago was hub for new music 

· Jelly Roll Morton came east to perform in Chicago and Detroit. 

·  Creative people fled to Harlem, a hub for talent and nightlife

·  The Ellington orchestra became synonymous with black culture in Harlem

·  Kansas local scene–pete johnson, led to boogie woogie, which led to a craze in the 1940s

·  Mary Lou Williams would become one of the first leading ladies of modern jazz

·  Jazz was the soundtrack for a night out in Harlem

·  Jazz was one of the highest forms of entertainment & considered a refined art style.

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