“Jazz is the first ‘World Music'”

Roots in West Africa

  • Began when African Slaves were taken to the Caribbean
  • Lead to New Orleans (A main gateway for enslaved people from the Caribbean
  • Gourd, Triangles, Jewish harps, Jawbone, Banjo

Louis Moreau Gottschalk

  • Echoes what he heard in Congo Square
    • Well known for it
    • Mocked the sound of the banjo
  • 1st lead to ragtime
  • Gottschalk had an influence on Scott Joplin, then New Orleans

Buddy Bolden

  • One of the first
  • He is known along with the greatest Trumpet players (Oliver & Armstrong)

Louis Armstrong

  • The whole concept of playing trumpet comes from him
  • Father of the organized solo
  • Known for his trumpet playing
  • Played a trumpet better than anyone at that time

New Orleans was a melting pot so it was where many styles and cultures within music came together.


  • Came to bring Jazz to Chicago & Detroit

Dixie Land Jazz Band

  • Creators of Jazz
  • World’s first Jazz recording


  • Many impactful things happened in the category and progression of Jazz
    • Dixie Land Jazz Band toured England
    • Oliver came to Chicago

Jazz Complimented the roaring 20’s era

  • “Chicago was a hotbed of Jazz”
  • King Oliver moved in
    • Joe Oliver became one of the biggest names in Chicago.
    • Louis Armstrong would practice off of King Olivers style

Bix Beiderbecke

  • At the same time of Louis Armstrong

Duke Ellington

  • Came to New York in 1923
  • Piano
  • Orchestra (most well known for)
  • Good at composition of music
  • Duke Ellington band was very strong
  • Most complex of any composer

Harlem started to become the cultural center for black life in America

  • Especially night life
  • Mid-twenties Jazz was secure because it was so popular

Early Thirties

  • Jazz was overseas
  • African American entertainers were known world wide

Other Noted Names

  • Snow
  • Buck Clayton
  • Ellington

Kansas City

Lesser Young

  • Tenner Saxaphone

boogie-woogie was popular during the 1940’s

Mary Lou Williams

  • One of the first leading ladies of modern jazz

Charlie Parker