• Jazz musics roots are deeply embedded from West Africa.
  • Jazz was the first genre of music that was representative of world culture.
  •  The provided definition of jazz is an”instant swing”.
  •  The blend of music that became jazz started when Africans were brought to America through slavery.
  • Bolden was the first authentic legend of jazz.
  • Louis Armstrong was the “father of jazz” and also had the highest level of instrumental skill. 
  •  New Orleans provided the space and area for a a new genre of music. 
  •  The most famous jazz related instrument  was the banjo. 
  • Southern black audiences became responsive to blues and jazz.  
  • Many artists moved  to Harlem, a magnet for talent and nightlife. Many of them looking for working opportunities. 
  • The Ellington orchestra became familiar with black culture in Harlem. 
  • Jazz was even known overseas.
  • Sam wooding, another jazz artist, took his music to Berlin in 1924. 
  • – Leslie started out as an alto player, then he became a tenor.
  •  Mary Lou WIlliams would become one of the first leading ladies of modern jazz. 
  •  In the 1930s, a band’s most reliable tool was the live radio. 
  •  Jazz became America’s most popular form of music. 

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