The Shouts Heard By Many

                                     History of the Ring Shout


Ring Shout is a form of dance and song that was performed by enslaved African people in the southern United States, Caribbean Islands, and other countries.  


How is it Performed?

It is performed by a group, who after starting to sing, form a circle in the center of a space and begin to move counterclockwise. 

Ring Shout, historically, has been performed as praise during Christian worship services. However, this expression of dance can also serve as a form of entertainment and have no direction of spiritual praise. 


Is it Spiritual or Secular?

Critiquies of Ring Shout

From its inception, many Planation owners and other white people disagreed with the Ring Shout. They felt that this form of expression was barbaric and evil. However, Black people held onto to this African tradition and expressed it through praises of Christainity.  

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