The First Clip From 'Robert Glasper Experiment – Live' Finds Lalah ...

In the Robert Glasper Experiment concert performance a unique style of jazz fusion was played. Not only did the band incorporate multiple musical traits that your average jazz musicians would not usually arrange together, but they made it flow so well. The concert lasts for maybe an hour and a half, of jazz fusion delivered brilliantly. 

During this concert I noticed that the bass guitar kept the band’s rhythm consistent, along with the drums. Robert Glasper opened with a solo; the solo was followed by the piano. 

With the introduction of the saxophone you can get more of a trad jazz feel. It was kind of like bebop but a little slower. The piano takes over after the saxophone solo is over. The piano added a nice melody. It was subtle and playful still not taking the focus off of the saxophone.

There was also a use of an electric guitar. In addition to that, the concert slowed down giving off a R&B and Soul vibe. All the instruments tied in very nicely.

If the audience is anything like me, they were not expecting this. I enjoyed the concert a lot.