The Rhythm of the Rave

Rave music began in the 1970 in Detroit and Chicago. In 1977, Dj Frankie Knuckles would place drum rhythms and disco records over the top of his beats. From there, he would begin to play his club environments. After being adopted from the UK and labeled as “House Music”, the Underground was born in the year 1986, and a year later Deep House and Techno were born into the world. In 1988 then came the Acid House.

Created mainly on computers by sound engineers (with sound synthesizers), techno music has very distinct electronic characteristics. Often being confused with disco, techno music has a consistent looping of sounds and tracks, along with one distinct pulse that carries throughout the whole song.

Some very promanant artists in the Techno scene include

Carl Craig

Carl Craig is a Detroit born DJ who claimed he was inspired by hearing Derrick May’s radio show. After meeting May himself, he soon produced his first track “Neurotic Behavior”.

Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills is another Detroit born DJ, record producer, and composer. In the late 1980’s he founded the Underground Resistance, which is a music collective based in Detroit, with fellow producers ‘Mad’ Mike Banks and Robert Hood.

Mills started his career as a DJ under the name of “The Wizard” in the early 1980s. On his night show, called “The Wizard at WDRQ” he would perform different DJ’ing tricks such as beat juggling and scratching. At the same time as performing his own tricks, he also gave the spotlight to artists such as Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, and Jaun Atkins.

Green Velvet

Midway through graduate school Green Velvet (also known as Cajmere) exposed himself to the culture and lifestyle of house music. He then soon returned to Chicago to produce his own house music. After surviving well below his means, he finally released his experiment “Coffee Pot (It’s time for the Percolator)” through Clubhouse Records and took the Techno scene by storm.

In 1933 Cajmere created Relief Record, which soon grew as a music outlet for other producers. After creating his label, his alter ego Green Velvet released “Preacher Man”, “Flash” and “The Stalker”. All three of these releases took the world by storm as he soon found himself becoming a household name in the Techno scene.

Personal Opinions

In my personal opinion, techno music is not something I would find myself listening to by choice. If I were at a party and it came on, I would still jump around and have fun, but I just cannot find myself listening to this type of music in my free time. I do remember the rise of EDM music in middle school with Skrillex, and notice that while making this blog post that EDM music is very much inspired by Techno music.

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Jacobi Reddix

Jacobi Reddix

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